A very cool image crop tool for mootools 1.11.

Check out the demo here: http://blog.eaxi.com/demo/js/crop/index_en.htm

Using Mouse:

  • Drag the image to change the image position on the fly.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or zoom out the image.
  • Double click to submit the selection.

Using Keyboard:

  • Press key (Zoom In), (Zoom Out) to resize the image.
  • Use Up, Down, Left, Right keys to move the image.
  • Hit the enter key to submit the selection.


  • 可以用鼠标拖动更改位置
  • 可以用鼠标滚轮缩放
  • 双击选区提交


  • 用键盘的I(Zoom In,放大)、O(Zoom Out,缩小)键控制图片缩放。
  • 用键盘的上、下、左、右方向键控制图片位置。
  • 直接回车提交