JavaScript Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition
By David Flanagan
Publisher : O’Reilly
Pub Date : October 2002
ISBN : 0-596-00411-7
Pages : 136
Slots : 0.5  

The JavaScript Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition provides a complete overview of the core JavaScript language and client-side scripting environment, as well as quick-reference material on core and client-side objects, methods, and properties. The new edition has been revised to cover JavaScript 1.5, and is particularly useful for developers working with the latest standards-compliant web browsers, such as Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 7, and Mozilla.


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JavaScript & DHTML Cookbook
By Danny Goodman
Publisher : O’Reilly
Pub Date : April 2003
ISBN : 0-596-00467-2
Pages : 540

On numerous online forums for JavaScript and DHTML, the majority of questions begin with "How do I…?" This new Cookbook provides the answers with a comprehensive collection of problems, solutions, and practical examples. The book’s recipes range from simple tasks, such as manipulating strings and validating dates in JavaScript, to entire libraries that demonstrate complex tasks, such as cross-browser positioning of HTML elements and sorting tables.