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A Minimal Joomla component


It is designed for Joomla 1.5.x, if you want it to work with joomla 1.0.x, an extra modification will be needed.


<install type="component" version="1.5.0">


<install type="component" version="1.0.0">

This a minimal joomla component. It is a real joomla component but it does nothing but saying hello.

It is a good base to develop a new joomla component.

Joomla ACL 的简单举例

在Joomla component开发中,经常会用到系统级别的权限控制,ACL就是做这个用处的。

这里举一个小例子,展示Joomla ACL的使用方法,仅当备忘。

  1. $acl = &JFactory::getACL();   
  2. $acl->addACL( ‘com_swimtool’‘manage’‘users’‘super administrator’ );   
  3. //$acl->addACL( ‘com_swimtool’, ‘manage’, ‘users’, ‘administrator’ );   
  4. //$acl->addACL( ‘com_swimtool’, ‘manage’, ‘users’, ‘manager’ );   
  6. $user = & JFactory::getUser();   
  7. if (!$user->authorize( ‘com_swimtool’‘manage’ )) {   
  8.     $mainframe->redirect(‘index.php’, JText::_(‘ALERTNOTAUTH’));   
  9. }   


MyBlog 1.2 Build 236 For Joomla1.0.x, Joomla1.5.x


一直以来,我们希望有一个Joomla的博客组件可以建成“时髦”的博客站,但无论如何都没有——桥接或是整合的东西,我个人感觉都不长久,我个人 偏向于用组件的方式——可怜的Joomla.cn居然还在用远古时代的Mamblog 1.0。今日看到My Blog组件,并详细查看了一下它的功能,着实让人欣慰,该有的功能都有了,并且界面的web2.0的“风韵”:

  1. MyBlog首页——显示所有博客文章(带分页,如Joomla之Frontpage)
  2. 整合Jom Comment评论组件
  3. 可以通过用户名、Tags标签和其它关键词过滤博客文章
  4. 支持RSS
  5. 博客文章控制面板
  6. 个人图片管理
  7. 支持个人头像(SMF、Gravatar、Community Builder的头像)
  8. 整合Community Builder!——实在太酷了
  9. 支持Joomla Plugins
  10. 强大的后台管理:用户权限、博客文章管理、分类管理
  11. 模板系统


A brand new blogging component for Joomla. It is designed to be super easy to use, with tons of cool features. Completely customizable with themes and plug-in support.

– MyBlog frontpage that displays all blog entries with pagination
– Jom Comment integration
– Filter blog posts by user, tags, or keywords
– RSS feeds
– Trackback support
– Technorati pings and tags. Get picked up by Technorati!
– Simple and intuitive Dashboard for users to manage their blog posts, write or edit a new entry
– Option to open Dashboard in a Thickbox/Lightbox
– Upload images and browse existing images using MyBlog’s own image browser
– Avatar support (SMF, gravatar, Community Builder)
– Community Builder integration
– Joomla Content Mambot integration (Google Adsense bot, All Videos bot, etc)
– MyBlog has it’s own custom bot system!
– Powerful admin backend, ie set user permissions, manage all blog posts, customize which sections to manage using MyBlog, which section to save new blog entries into, etc
– Fast templating system, like Jom Comment’s